Many excellent resources exist so those listed below serve simply as a starting point to understanding some of the key aspects to walking school buses and pedestrian safety.

The Walking School Bus: Combining Safety, Fun and the Walk to School

A guide that outlines the benefits of starting a walking school bus as well as points to consider before launching one.

The Walking School Bus Program: A Primer and First Steps Training

Online, free training presents tips and strategies for how to prepare, build momentum and launch a walking school bus program, including identifying community partners, and securing program funding.

How to Build a Walking School Bus Program from Grass Roots Up: Best Practices in Design, Implementation and Dissemination

Free webinar features an experienced walking school bus coordinator who describes his strategies for effectively and inexpensively establishing programs in new communities.

Teaching Children to Walk Safely As They Grow and Develop

A guide to help parents and caregivers match their guidance and expectations with their children's abilities by describing stages of child development and which walking safety skills to teach along the way. Handouts are included.

Pedestrian Safety

Handouts and guides for teaching children safe walking skills.

Bicycle Safety

Handouts for teaching children safe bicycling skills.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Curricula

Free, downloadable curricula to use to teach and guide the practice of pedestrian and bicycle safety skills.